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The effect of demographics and personality on investment choice among Essay

The impact of socioeconomics and character on speculation decision among UK financial specialists - Essay Example Numerous examinations have been embraced over the world by researchers just as academicians in the field of social fund to investigate what all mental and segment factors influence individual venture choices and decision among choices. The investigation entitled Hazard Taking and Problem Context in the Domain of Losses: An Expected Utility Analysis by John C. Hershey and Schoemaker in 1980 sees that ladies speculators are more hazard disinclined than men as respects bet is concerned (Hershey 1980). Another mainstream concentrate on the sexual orientation practices of contributing; the analysts comment that the two people are similarly fruitful in venture choices and there found no importance contrast in speculation choices among male and female gatherings (Hudgen 1985). In an experimental investigation among people financial specialists in sell-offs and lotteries embraced by W. V Harlow and Keith Brown record that men like to accept more hazard than ladies as respects lottery and sal e ventures are concerned (Harlow 1990). In another noteworthy examination on venture conduct among singular financial specialists considering their salary level William Riley and K Victor Chow endeavor to comment that relative hazard avoidance diminishes as one ascents over the neediness level and diminishes essentially for the rich. It additionally diminishes with age-however just to a certain degree. After age 65 (retirement), hazard avoidance increments with age (Riley 1992). In any case, the creators guess that instruction, salary and riches are on the whole profoundly connected, so the relationship might be an element of riches as opposed to training (Riley 1992). In an exploration paper entitled Sexual orientation Differences in Risk Behavior in Financial-Decision-Making: An Experimental Analysis, it is discovered that paying little mind to nature and surrounding, expenses or vagueness, ladies lean toward ventures with lower hazard than moderate and high hazard speculations ro ads (Powell 1997) . The principle dispute of the investigation of N. Jianakoplos and Bernasek in 1998 is that ladies are probably going to show more hazard avoidance qualities than men with regards to interest in characterized commitment annuity resources (Jianakoplos 1998). In the paper Sex Differences in Risk Taking: A Meta-investigation, the creators infer that ladies might want to face less challenge than men (Brynes 1999). Schooley Diane K and Debra Drecnik Worden in their investigation in 2003 report that informed speculators, particularly those having instruction higher than optional level keep an eye on part their well deserved cash in dangerous portfolios (Schooley 2003). The paper additionally finds that age and extent of value holding are emphatically corresponded. In a fascinating and well known examination entitled Hazard avoidance and Personality Type by G. Filbeck, Hatfield P. what's more, Horvath P. in 2005, the creators presume that the connection between character type and individual ex bet EUT chance resilience is non-direct in structure (Filbeck 2005). Evaluating the previously mentioned examinations and papers, the current investigation endeavors to investigate the impact of segment and character qualities on singular speculation choice

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National Debt :: Argumentative Economy Economics Papers

National Debt How huge are we going to permit the national obligation to become? In the event that we accept that it never comes due, at that point its size is of little concern. In any case, that conviction is like that of the ostrech; cover your head in the sand so you can not see the issue and the issue leaves. The truth of the matter is that the size of the obligation is almost five trillion dollars and develops by a normal of 620 million dollars consistently! The reason is that consistently the legislature spends more than it gathers in charges. The administration makes up the distinction by getting billions of dollars every year, going up against private endeavor for the utilization of cash spared by American residents. That cash ought to be utilized for ventures to improve our norm of living and make a more promising time to come. Rather, our investment funds are being utilized by the administration to pay for todays utilization, for uncommon interests and for the enthusiasm on cash obtained in before years. At the present pace of development the intrigue installment will in the end be more noteworthy than the present obligation. Can we manage the cost of this? Are there enough lenders to help such a tremendous weight? What will happen to our future, our childerns future? We are spending it for them now before they have a state about it. Unquestionably this pattern of shortage spending is driving us to national liquidation. Another arrangement designed for a zero deficiency must be embraced. This implies we should change the way we see spending on the qualification projects, safeguard and household optional projects. Somewhere in the range of 1980 and 1990 the national obligation quadrupled from 800 million to 5 trillion. The present pattern of spend each penny we can get our hands on and obtain the rest by selling our future must be halted. The way that past venture in government bonds was sound and secure doesn't anticipate that the future will continue as before. By what method can

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Personal History Essay Samples - How to Make Use of Them

Personal History Essay Samples - How to Make Use of ThemHaving access to various personal history essay samples, whether they be the ones available on the internet or found in a library, is certainly a great resource for a student of history. These can provide a variety of choices, depending on the student's learning style and abilities, and can be helpful in deciding on the correct essay topic to write.Essays vary widely in the level of depth, detail, and length required for them to be accepted at any given college or university. For example, an essay may only require basic information about the student's name, contact information, and academic background. The options of a personal history essay are limited to those that will not leave too much room for interpretation or allow too much room for conjecture by the reader.Most students do not possess the time to perform extensive research and may be simply too busy to devote their full attention to the writing process. That being said, a student may still want to utilize a few personal history essay samples to get the information they need to write a powerful, concise, and well-organized essay.One of the biggest mistakes that students make when writing essays is putting all the work in the beginning. There is no way to have everything ready in advance or have something ready to write when the time calls for it. Instead, there should be enough information to begin an essay but without any real information to be taken as fact.As a student is writing a personal history essay, they are presenting themselves in a certain light, that could lead the reader to believe one thing while actually being completely different. If this happens, the essay is in danger of being dismissed without proper consideration or of ending up riddled with facts that are not true. This results in the student giving the reader an incomplete portrait of who the person is, which, if done incorrectly, can leave the student sounding like a false s tereotype instead of displaying someone real.There are many ways to take advantage of the resources that are available to a student who is interested in using personal history essay samples. By doing some research on the internet, the student can find both free and paid samples that provide the right mix of information that a student is looking for, while providing enough material for the student to write an interesting and factual essay.While there is nothing wrong with getting samples that cost money, the most likely reason that students choose to pay for an essay is to get the advantages of being able to look at a variety of samples at once. A student can quickly get a head start on writing by looking at many different samples in the convenience of their own home and then continue by making sure that everything they write is complete and accurate.Finding free and paid personal history essay samples is not difficult. Simply doing a little bit of searching, and providing the necess ary information required by the samples, can make the difference between having a good, accurate essay, and an essay that is completely flawed.

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Starbucks Analysis - 7510 Words

Table of Contents 1.0 Executive Summary 03 2.0 Company Overview 04 2.1 Company Structure 04 2.2 Mission Statement 05 2.3 Financial Analysis 06 3.0 Competitive Analysis 06 3.1 Second Cup 06 3.2 Timothys 08 3.3 The Symposium Cafe 09 3.4 Tim Hortons 10 4.0 Competition in Canada 10 4.1 Direct Competition 10 4.2 Indirect Competition 11 5.0 Starbucks Current Positioning 13 5.1 Retail Positioning Matrix 13 6.0 Strengths and Weaknesses 14 6.1 Strengths 14 6.2 Weaknesses 15 7.0 External Factors 16 7.1 Political / Legal 16 7.2 Socio - Cultural 16 7.3 Economic 16 7.4 Demographic 17 8.0 Internal Factors 17 9.0 Future Outlook 18 9.1 Financial Summary 18 9.2 Market Expansion 19 9.3 Product Diversification 19 10.0 Strategic Issues 19 10.1†¦show more content†¦There are five major strategic issues that Starbucks has faced in the last year. These five issues include: consistency and quality in products and services, protection of suppliers and future supply, social responsibility in the public eye, remaining innovative, and identifying new and untapped markets. 2.0 Company Overview Starbucks Coffee Company was founded in 1971, opening its first location in Seattles Pike Place Market. Starbucks, named after the first mate in Herman Melvilles Moby Dick, is the worlds leading retailer, roaster and brand of specialty coffee with coffeehouses in North America, Europe, Middle East, Latin America and the Pacific Rim. Worldwide, approximately 33 million customers visit a Starbucks coffeehouse each week. Starbucks purchases and roasts high-quality whole bean coffees and sells them along with fresh, rich-brewed, Italian style espresso beverages, a variety of pastries and confections, and coffee-related accessories and equipment. In addition to sales through our company-operated retail stores, Starbucks sells whole bean coffees through a specialty sales group and supermarkets. Additionally, Starbucks produces and sells bottled Frappuccino ® coffee drink and a line of premium ice creams through its joint venture partnerships and offers a line of innovative premium teas produced by its wholly owned subsidiary, Tazo Tea Company. The Companys objective is to establishShow MoreRelatedStarbucks : Starbucks Economic Analysis1673 Words   |  7 PagesStarbucks Economic Analysis 1 Starbucks Economic Analysis PATTEN UNIVERSITY JULY 29, 2015 MGT407 Managerial Economics Starbucks Economic Analysis 2 The coffee industry had never been the same since the early 1970s when three investors started a Seattle business called Starbucks Coffee, Tea, and Spice in Pikes Peak Market. Each invested about one thousand dollars and-and borrowed five thousand more from a bank to launch their endeavor. The coffee-loving character in Herman Melville’s great novel MobyRead MoreStarbucks Case Analysis : Starbucks1580 Words   |  7 Pages7/25/15 Starbucks Case Study I chose to do a case analysis on Starbucks because I am a huge fan, as a college student I am addicted to caffeine and Starbucks is how I get my caffeine fix! I am a gold card member with Starbucks meaning, I drink so much of their coffee they rewarded me as a valuable customer. Some perks include a free food or beverage after twelve purchases, a free food or beverage on my birthday, as well as discount coupons and exclusive member deals. The first Starbucks locationRead MoreGlobal Analysis Of Starbucks And Starbucks1401 Words   |  6 Pagesstore in 1971, the transnational Starbucks Corporation has successfully flooded the globe with their coffee. Currently, there are 20,519 Starbucks stores globally, serving a total 65 countries . In order to provide coffee to such a large number of stores and maintain a steady profit, Starbucks must source their coffee beans from 27 different countries. This essay will aim to show that globalisation has provided many benefits to the workers and host-nations of the Starbucks coffee bean production and hasRead MoreAnalysis Starbucks1085 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction to Digital Marketing â€Å"Analysis of Starbucks Web site† Irina Popova MIB 17.05.2012 980 words Analysis of Starbucks web site How corporate web site should look like in 2012 and which requirements it should follow to be successful and to help organization to implement its strategy? Let’s explore this topic on the example of Starbucks Company. Today accessibility became the defining factor for future success of a corporate web site. Your adventure starts if you can access company’sRead MoreAnalysis of Starbucks5240 Words   |  21 PagesAn Analysis of Starbucks Company History Starbucks was opened its first coffee company in Seattle’s Pike place Market on 1971. The name was taken from the first mate in Herman Melville’s Moby Dick (Company Profile, 2005). Products Beverages: Brewed coffees, Italian-style espresso, cold blended beverages, roasted whole bean coffees, tea products, fruit juice, sodas, and coffee liqueur. Food: Sandwich, Salads, pastries and ice creams. Non food items: Mugs, Travel tumblersRead MoreStarbucks Analysis3390 Words   |  14 PagesEconomics of Starbucks CONTENTS A. Introduction B. Analysis economics of Starbucks 1. Nature of product/service 2. Market trends 3. Production/supply process and costs 4. Structure of the industry/market 5. Government role 6. Business environment 7. Firm/Industry Location 8. Business and pricing strategies 9. Entrepreneurial ability of managers C. Conclusion D. References Introduction Starbucks, what started in Seattle in 1971s by three friends:Read MoreStarbucks Analysis10818 Words   |  44 Pagespurpose of providing a full analysis of the Starbucks Coffee Corporation. Although Starbucks is operating internationally, this report is mostly based on the United States, as this is Starbucks domestic market and until today its main operating market. First, the internal analysis gives an overview about Starbucks as a company. Second, the external analysis is used for analyzing the market Starbucks is operating in. Third, the strategic options possible for Starbucks are analyzed. Last, an explanationRead MoreStarbucks Analysis7701 Words   |  31 PagesSTRATEGIC MANAGEMENT TROY UNIVERSITY TROY UNIVERSITY STARBUCK CASE ANALYSIS STARBUCK CASE ANALYSIS Instructor: Min Carter, Ph.D. Instructor: Min Carter, Ph.D. LY NGOC HUY TRAN QUOC HUY HOANG VAN VINH TON KHANH PHUONG VU NGUYEN TRAM ANH LY NGOC HUY TRAN QUOC HUY HOANG VAN VINH TON KHANH PHUONG VU NGUYEN TRAM ANH Saigon, May 20, 2013 Saigon, May 20, 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS I. INTRODUCTION 1 II. ANALYSIS FIRM’S CURRENT SITUATON 1 1. Mission 1 2. VisionRead MoreStarbucks s Case Analysis : Starbucks1720 Words   |  7 PagesMBA642 Starbucks endeavors in Turkey – Case analysis Starbucks has been very successful in implementing the â€Å"Starbucks Experience† both in the United States and in Turkey. Inspired by his visit to Italy, Howard Schultz CEO, was charmed by the social glamour of drinking coffee by the cup. Schultz sough to differentiate Starbucks from the rest of specialty coffee stores and pitched his inspiration to the three original owners, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel and Gordon Bowker. The owners of Starbucks wereRead MoreThe Swot Analysis For Starbucks1359 Words   |  6 PagesMoving towards the SWOT analysis, it is a valuable system for surveying an organization and its surroundings, condensing the primary environmental issue as circumstances and risk confronting an organization (Palmer, A.2012). The SWOT analysis for Starbucks is: One of the main strength of Starbucks is their robust financial performance which in turns helps it to become the market leader in the category of coffee. According to (Forbes, 2014) Starbucks Market cap is around $55.94 Billion which is

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Analysis Of Adrienne Rich s Education - 962 Words

Adrienne Rich begins her piece, Taking Women Students Seriously, with the assertion that she must create â€Å"a context [and] delineate a background† (Rich 210) against which the world should speak of the concept of women as students. Rich follows the struggle of women throughout an androcentric educational sphere in settings that range from Harvard to the urban City College of New York. Through an interweaving of experiential evidence and biting critique she further cultivates the reader’s understanding of the stereotypical views of female passivity and self-deprecation seen in mainstream educational systems throughout the nation. These outlooks, Rich insists, harm not only the quality of education received by women, but their determined self worth in their own eyes, and the eyes of their peers. Rich’s experiential background in education leads her to assert that neither â€Å"the university curriculum [nor] the high school curriculum†¦ provide the kind o f knowledge for women, the knowledge of Womankind, whose experience has been so profoundly different from that of Mankind.† (Rich 213) This, she insists, is evident through the use of â€Å"He-Man grammar† (Rich 314) within lecture and the instructional culture itself. The harmful and ever present nature of this specific male-centric education is epitomized in Emily Martin’s The Egg and Sperm which examines how â€Å"scientific accounts of reproductive biology rely on stereotypes central to our cultural definitions of male and female†¦Show MoreRelatedWomen s Impact On Women1023 Words   |  5 PagesThrough histories progression in the 1970’s, women have had very limited chances, if any, through time towards their Intelligence worth and educations claim. Adrienne Rich’s delivered speech in 1977 at the assembly of Douglas College Entitled â€Å"Claiming an Education† aggressively approached towards female students by urging them to chan ge their mindset, breaking free off taboo, sexist stereotypes, and the feminine inferiority mindset, even though her speech was geared towards women, any gender, especiallyRead More The Role of Women in Chinua Achebes Things Fall Apart Essay3614 Words   |  15 Pagessituation of the period he is depicting, and the factors in it that condition male attitudes towards women; 2) the consequences of the absence of a moderating female principle in his fictions; 3) Achebes progressively changing attitude towards women s roles; and 4) feminist prospects for African women. In the context of this study, the Igbo people whom Achebe describes will represent the rest of Nigeria -- and a great many of the nations of Africa. Sociocultural Background Were Nigeria and AfricaRead More The Women of Umuofia in Chinua Achebes Things Fall Apart Essay1999 Words   |  8 Pagesgoddess Ani or Ala, who wreaks such havoc on the townspeople s lives. She is the goddess of fertility. She also gives or withholds children; she spurns twin children who must be thrown away; she prohibits anyone inflicted with shameful diseases from burial in her soil. To the men of Umuofia, she must seem the embodiment of the two-faced Greek furies and Scylla and Charybdis joined together -- vengeful, unavoidable, and incomprehensible. Umuofia s men can compare to the ancient Greeks who were noted forRead More Examination of Womens Friendships through an Analysis of Katherine Philips Friendships Mystery4228 Words   |  17 PagesExamination of Womens Friendships through an Analysis of Katherine Philips Friendships Mystery: To My Dearest Lucasia When readers reflect on the poetry of the seventeenth century, poets such as John Donne and the Metaphysicals, Jonson and the Cavaliers, and John Milton often come to mind. The poetry crosses over various boundaries of Neoplatonic, Ovidian, and Petrarchan forms, for example, often with many references to women filling the lines. Described as helpless creaturesRead MoreMulticultural Pedagogy in Higher Education3583 Words   |  15 PagesRunning Head: MULTICULTURAL PEDAGOGY Multicultural Pedagogy in Higher Education Multicultural Pedagogy in Higher Education There is a difference between teaching a course in which multiculturalism is the focus and incorporating an underlying multicultural, inclusive perspective into the classroom environment. Given that â€Å"there is no universal construction of a multiculturalism course that is perfect for achieving all goals for all students† (Henry, 2003, p. 26), finding a way to build a multiculturalRead MoreCalculus Oaper13589 Words   |  55 Pagesedu/~dawndba/4500compulsoryhet.htm Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence †¨ Adrienne Rich    Adrienne Rich s essay constitutes a powerful challenge to some of our least examined sexual assumptions. Rich turns all the familiar arguments on their heads: If the first erotic bond is to the mother, she asks, could not the natural sexual orientation of both men and women be toward women? Rich s radical questioning has been a major intellectual force in the general feminist reorientationRead MoreEssay about Teaching and Learning in a Networked Composition Classroom5669 Words   |  23 Pagesproblem, but rather to bring the experiences of one particular computerized classroom, both positive and negative, into dialogue with the numerous voices already speaking out about the role of computers in education. By doing so, I hope to demonstrate how the human component of the technology-education equation—the creative and adaptive abilities of the instructor, or â€Å"humanware1† —becomes an increasingly vital aspect of computerized pedagogy, especially as the power of hardware and software becomesRead MorePrison Reform Topic Paper : Prisons6604 Words   |  27 Pageshas resulted in a prison population expanded to a level previously unknown in any democratic society (Burt, 2010). The US has over 2 million of its citizens incarcerated, which accounts f or 25% of the world s imprisoned population (Forman, 2011). The system has grown seven fold since the 70 s and continues to expand steadily every year (Forman, 2011; Colgan, 2006). (T)here are various types and divisions of prisons in the United States including county jails, state prisons and federal prisons, allRead MoreInterpretivism7441 Words   |  30 Pagessuch a thing as feminist theory—even if I do not think of it as social scientific—I find the very idea of feminist methodology in the social and behavioral sciences fundamentally untenable. . . . The research design and tools of data collection and analysis one selects ought to be chosen on the basis that they are the most appropriate to answering a given research question (pp. 971–972) —not on the basis of political or ideological commitments. My goal in this book, then, is to address both of theseRead MoreReed Supermarket Case32354 Words   |  130 PagesDECISION-ORIENTED APPROACH Svend Hollensen Pearson Education Limited Edinburgh Gate Harlow Essex CM20 2JE England and Associated Companies throughout the world Visit us on the World Wide Web at: First published 1998 by Prentice Hall Second edition published 2001 by Pearson Education Limited Third edition published 2004 Fourth edition published 2007 Fifth edition published 2011  © Prentice Hall Europe 1998  © Pearson Education Limited 2001, 2011 The right of Svend Hollensen to

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The Developmental Impact Of Technology On Today s Society

The Developmental Impact of Technology on Today’s Society Society has become slaves to technology. Our society depends so greatly on technology that we have lost the ability of face to face communication. Nowadays all you see are people with their face stuck in their phones or latest gadgets and being oblivious to the world. The obsession and need to use technology affects every developmental stage. The affect starts at the young age of infancy and continues into childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. It may have a greater effect on one developmental stage over the other, but it is clear the technology effects even the youngest child. A person may not see an infant as being able to be affected by technology but with all the technological advances in today’s world even infants are impacted. Imagine looking around and seeing a cute baby and their mother, but something is different, the baby is occupied by a bright lit touch phone instead of a baby toy and the mother is paying no attention to the infant. This a much more common sight today than it was 15 years ago. Mothers are occupying their infants by handing them their iPhones or android devices instead of playing with them. This is taking away from the infants learning. Parents would rather calm a fussy baby by giving them a phone or tablet rather than actually trying to calm them down. According to Dr. Jim Taylor (2010) â€Å"when children get bored, cranky, or bothersome, their parents immediately give them their iPhone,Show MoreRelatedThe Greatest Challenge For American Higher Education1582 Words   |  7 PagesThe greatest challenge for American higher education today is how to improve the success of developmental education students. Having a postsecondary degree is often the difference between having a career and living comfortably or holding a minimum wage job and struggling to make ends meet. Gabriel (2008), reports that nearly half of higher education students do not have the necessary skills needed in reading to perform successfully and faculty in sist these students are not prepared. Community collegesRead MoreEssay On Training Developing And Evaluation716 Words   |  3 PagesTraining, Developing, Evaluating Almost 30 % of learning hours today are completely technology based, according to the Association for Talent Development (ATD) report. Technology plays a very important role in todays society, and has enhanced the job performance rate in organizations. Technological advancement is when technology progresses in a society. Technological advancements has led to powerful changes in the way organizations deliver training to their employees by capitalizing trainingRead MoreThe Importance Of Academic Writing1158 Words   |  5 PagesReflected in Academic Writing MOOCs by Subeom Kwak, and Predicting Faculty Intentions to Assign Writing in Their Classes by David Trafimow et al., Academic Writing is essential for all future careers, and must integrate techniques, practicality, and technology in is subjects. Most articles define academic writing as a powerful learning tool. According to Krieger, â€Å"Most college and university faculty have in common the perception that writing benefits their students† (Trafimow et al. 01). In the sameRead MoreHow Technology Has Changed Children1466 Words   |  6 PagesTechnology has changed children over the past ten years. Before technology children were playing outside, building forts, making up games, playing with real toys and not virtual. However, there was cable and internet, it worked very slow and there was no such thing as Google, Facebook, Youtube or Instagram. Today technology has changed children by having them become anti-social and disconnected from the world outside of them. Children today have learned to adapt to the technology around them, thusRead MoreImplementing Early Learning Programs to Create A Sense of Place1393 Words   |  6 Pagesintrinsic connection to the community and the environment that elicits a feeling of con cern for and a need to protect our surroundings. For thousands of years, societies depended on each other and the land as a way of life that was essential for existence. The first tools, sticks and rocks, have evolved into an explosion of technology that has created a discord between people, the community, and the environment. As the proliferation of all things technological in composition escalates, more attentionRead MoreMovie Analysis : Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs1697 Words   |  7 Pagescultivated a society driven by stereotypes on gender roles that have restricted the liberties of young girls and boys alike to explore their own individuality. Disney s brilliance transcended beyond his ability to captivate an audience, his true talent resided within his ability to leave a direct impact on his viewers. As the prominent academic Jack Zipes puts it, The power of Disney s fairytale films does not reside in the uniqueness or novelty of the productions, but in Disney s great talentRead MoreThe Contributions Of Immigrants From The American Economy1569 Words   |  7 Pagesstates is made up of immigrant from different religious, social, cultural and economic background around the world.In the big cities like New york and Los Angeles, there is a higher percentage of immigrant who are all making a massive impact on the American economy. Today, the issue of Immigration has become a major topic of discussion in America. The immigrants populace contribute a greater share of the total American population. As the year goes by, the percentage of Immigrants keeps on increasingRead MoreFading Childhood - Original Writing1230 Words   |  5 Pageseducation. Modern society is ruining childhoods with technology, test driven education and limited interactions. With the constant innovation of technology, today’s children are constantly captivated by the newest inventions. Society has surrounded its focus on technology. It is everywhere and involved with everything we do. How we get to places, how we communicate, and it even makes our food. In current day we are extremely dependent on technology as so our children will. Technology is presented earlyRead MoreEffects Of Technology On Socialization1300 Words   |  6 PagesAnti-social socialization: The effects of Technology on socialization of the youth in the 21st century Robert Elz University of North Georgia Abstract In the 21st century, technology is integrated in examines that to every aspect of our lives. It is prevalent is all sections of our culture, our homes, our schools and our communities. But what kind of effect is it having on those in their formative years? Does the abundance of technology have an effect on the newer generations andRead MoreTechnology Has Changed The Way People Communicate983 Words   |  4 Pagesthe years, technology has changed the way people communicate. Originally the telephone replaced the telegraph. Today cell phones, email and the Internet top the list of preferred communication methods in society. As more businesses and educational institutions use technology to communicate, society seems to have accepted, if not embraced, the increased role technology now plays in daily lives. Age has an impact on an individual s preferred method of communication. Communication today is entirely

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The Concept of Community free essay sample

Community has been described and interpreted in different ways. It has been explained by different people in their own understanding and views. The concept of community could be associated with the beliefs, culture and interests. In this essay, the concept of community, what it is and the different types of community will be discussed. Also, the association between community, youth and its influence on the environment will be acknowledged. In addition, in this essay, issues on ethnicity, culture, youth, racism and crime will be discussed. The question ‘what a community is’ will be addressed. The concept of community has been widely discussed and there has not been a particular definition for community and its concept. Community has been recognized and described only as the environment where people co-habit. It is however not particularly right. Clark (1973:397) describes a community as ‘a group of people with geographical interest and have a unique relationship within the group’. The Oxford dictionary describes it as ‘a group of people living together in a place or having the same religion, race etc’. Also, in Rothman et al’s view, it could also be seen as ‘a structure of relationships which a localized population provides its daily requirements’. A more detailed definition was given to community by Buchroth and Parkin (2010:29) describing it as ‘a place, or a town or a city etc, where a group of people conform to a set of guidelines or rules, so that they all have something in common; people who do not fit into this bill are often pushed out of this community’. All these explain community in different views according to each writer’s perception. They have all explained the classification of word and its aim. However, understanding the concept of community goes beyond the writer’s view or assumption on what the meaning is. Many geographical communities including Ireland, Scotland, Wales and London in the United Kingdom are considered one of many in the country. Although, the land space mapped on the world zone paper is a part of community, there re other criteria that are associated with the word. The concept of community is wide and cannot be put aside without knowing the meaning of community and how it is formed. Community can be described as the way of life of people: its unique language, arts, the norms and cultural values, politics, the music and economic factors. The mode of dressing, food, language and religion also makes the people different. In addition, the beliefs of the individual and the interests of everyone as a person and as a group are put in consideration. Tyler (2003) prefers to explain it as ‘local human network’. According to Garvin and Tropman (199-) cited by Rotman et al(200-) communities are constituted when a group of people form a common location, interest, identification, culture and have common activities. When a locality is based on land space, there is a need for the recognition of the individual†¦the need for a sense of belonging. MacIver and Page describes this as the ‘we feeling’ when an individual identifies himself as a person and as a part of the group (Clark 1973:403). In addition, key qualities and attributes are expected from one individual to the other to create peace and unity in the group. Tolerance is an aspect of community value that cannot fail to be noticed. Every individual has his own angle realization and responsibility and this must be recognized and understood by other members of the group. Furthermore, there must be trust within; otherwise there will be a collapse in the relationships in this community. The word ‘reprocity’ is a strong value that must be included in every community to make it functional and realistic. An interesting group in the community includes the people. Population shares a characteristic that are linked by factors like religious beliefs; sexual orientation; occupation or ethnic origin in this group. As an individual position himself in the community where he is located, he contributes to the development of his locality. In a society, he shares the spirit of solidarity, togetherness and social cohesion within the society. Despite living under a locality, an individual often belong to other communities outside his or her geographical domain. On occasions, people discover that they belong to diverse groups with special interests that make them members to these communities. There are instances when a group of people who live in different land space or geographical zone. On occasions, there have been people with a collective voice in different mapped out areas of the world. This may be as a result of migration. An example is when an Asian couple migrates from their birth place in Bombay, India and decides to settle in the United Kingdom. When the family broadens with children, it encourages diversity of society in life of the younger generation. Language, food, religion and other beliefs in India are introduced to the children, even though they reside in the United Kingdom. Tyler (2003) explains that there are more to the buildings and accommodation of the society make up the society. He goes on to explain the idea that it is a notable fact that relationships are developed among the local group. It may be taken to account that the good function of every community depends on the population that resides in and within the environment. However, the ethnicity of every individual is unique to him or her even if it is shared. There are social interactions that make individual accomplish a sense of appreciation in different societies. Generally, countries with diverse culture like the United Kingdom, United States of America and Scotland have people with different ethnic values come as a group to form a society of interest. Some may be the interests in reading (book clubs), sports, fashion or the type of music listened to. This undisputedly, does not segregate them from enjoying more of the societal contribution and modern technologies that bring people universally together. According to Tyler (2003) ‘family is the first community’. However groups of family come together, they become a clan and a community as a whole. Friendships are developed and chosen as individuals and networks are established. There is a need for cohesion in every popularized environment. The word globalization has been used more often in Britain today. According to Beck (2000:11) it is ‘ the process through sovereign national states are criss crossed and undermined by varying prospects of power, orientations, identities and networks’. Giddens (1990) describes it to be ‘an intensification of worldwide social relations which link distant localities in such a way that local happenings are shaped by events occurring many miles away and vice versa’. Another exclusive group that is recognized is the symbolic community. The groups are on occasions recognized by their symbolic attributes which distinguishes them from others. Smith (2001) cited Alan and Crow (1994:6) and explains that people with symbolic values play crucial roles because of their achievements in the sense of belonging. People’s culture and value sometimes bound them to this community. For instance, ethnic groups are often recognized with their attires. Often people are recognized by their mode of dressing. In Scotland, men often wear kilts on occasions. Africans are also known to dress up in colorful printed attires. Rastafarians dreadlock and beard is also a means of recognition. To distinguish between a homosexual and heterosexual, earrings play a public figure as it discloses the individual sexual participation. A different symbolic group that is often recognized is the ‘ring as a marital symbol’ group. The finger at which the ring is placed also play different role. It speaks for the individual if he is married, divorced, widowed or engaged. These symbolic values and their representation are crucial by events to individual identity. Culture is an important aspect of community. In every society, individual life depends on the cultural values that make the group a body. Karl Marx believed that culture is only possible in human form and in their ways because animals do not possess the concept to ‘form things in accordance to beauty’. (Haralambos and Holborn) According to Beck (2000:11) that was cited by Morgan an Reiner (2002), he defines globalization as ‘ the sovereign national states that are criss crossed and are undermined by transnational actors with varying prospects of power, orientations, identities and networks. In Giddens (1990) view, it is ‘an intensification of worldwide social relations which link distant locality in such a way that local happenings are shaped by events occurring many miles away and vice versa’. An important value of community is its integration. As the community begins o experience change because of migration, the society begins to lose the originality of its value. Residents who cannot tolerate these changes move to a more conducive environment. This makes the society less labeled as an ethnic community. A multicultural community is developed by different ethnicity because of integration and acceptance of immigrants from other groups. However, when integration becomes rampant, overpopulation creates an overwhelming problem and cohesion becomes a debate. As a result, lack of tolerance by the original residents emigrates for a more conducive neighborhood, therefore losing the norms and values that existed. As well as this, new cultural and ethnic values are introduced. This may cause segregation and loss of cultural values. In the recent times, the community has become a scary place and there it calls for a sense of security. Crime has made every community crumble under its norms and governance. Young people gather as a group of gang members involving in different types of crime ranging from underage or indecent alcohol intake, drug abuse, smoking, sexual involvement that leads to rape, stealing, burglary both of private homes and business places, threatening and killing with all sort if barbaric weapons and the love of fashion. The youth today believe that violence makes them less vulnerable, acquire some sort of defenses and it ascertains recognition and supremacy. Above all, it is mainly for material purposes (Farrington, 1996) Modern technologies have also contributed to its demise and the encouragement of crime on the streets. It has exposed youths to different harmful weapons ranging from plastic explosives to bombs. Crimes like fraud have been reported and recorded to be higher over the last twenty years. One of the factors that have made crime an increasing problem is the size of population. As far as 1960s, the increase in population has increased crime itself Neitzel (1979). According to the National statistics on population, the Major of London in 2003 also published a report on issues that affects Britain stating that the large populated community is as a result of immigrants being granted citizenship especially asylum seekers and refugees. In his view, it has contributed to factors that affect every community. As a result of variables which include poverty and deprivation, Britain has become less conducive and therefore crime rates have escalated. Music has played a significant role in the lives of youth and gang culture. Its message has sent crime motivations to teenage making them live in an illusion of drugs, guns and knife crime to be a whelming and rational life to get the ‘recognition’ they desire. Dr. Assibiy-Mensah, between 1994 and 1995 had investigated the role of music and sports in youth life and he discovered that these athletes and musicians have been recognized as role models instead of educators, (Okoronkwo 2008:6). The influences of drugs in youth groups as seen in musical videos have instigated a lot of street crimes that has created fear in the lives of commuters and business owners. On the quest to be recognized, gangs create a body of negative characteristics to acquire power and control either by stealing or carrying a weapon. Gangs’ crimes are only motivated by the individualism and personal gain and its effect on the society can be believed to be chaotic. The effect of carrying these weapons justifies in a negative impact on the youths as well as the society. An environmental influence on male gender with poor education is yet unskilled affects the involvement with the female counterparts. The female gender could often endangered and maltreated and on the streets. It may appear that the male gender may have the upper hand in the society. To this, one of the crimes that affect the community is rape and it may result to violence or death. Recorded issues like Bennett, Reid and Thomson who were murdered due to sex related issues in 2008(youth deaths :11). Taking into account that, community may be influenced by gender, these incidents cannot be overlooked as it is part of an everyday human activity. The national statistics on crime had it recorded that although, crime was high with 452,364 offences in the year 2007/ 08. It record slightly reduced in number to 421,157 in 2008/09 (oxford criminology). In the same state, youth crimes have been high although statistics claims it is gradually reducing. On the other hand, the use of weapons and sharp instruments has predominantly controlled the teenagers of Great Britain. As gang culture has been an issue in the community, youth crime has become a vital practice among teenagers using these dangerous weapons. A record of gun and knife deaths that shows that forty three teenagers died as a result of violence in 2008 and within the inner city London, fifty was recorded dead in the same manner in 2007. However, boroughs like Hackney, Brent, Red bridge have been labeled due to incidents of youth deaths and teenage crimes and the gravity of these disturbing issues in the community (youth deaths reference: 5). A review on the social policy research in criminology (Farrington April 1996, page1) states that major risk factors for youth crime are: Low income and poor housing Living in deteriorated inner city areas A high degree of impulsiveness and hyperactivity Low intelligence and low school attainment Poor parental supervision and harsh and erratic discipline Parental conflict and broken families Peer pressure Availability of drugs Due to these discoveries, there should be contemplation on how youth crime can be either reduced or totally eradicated. To reduce or combat crime on our streets, there is a need for critical resolution to the endangered public and a more peaceful promise to the upcoming generation. The first point of call to reduce this unruly behavior in the society is the family. Morals and respect for others that are lacking should be instilled in the youths. The children should be shown love and should be appreciated and not criticized for all their mistakes. Parents should encourage the children without discrimination because youths of today lack self confidence and therefore inhabit bullying as a behavior or becomes the prey and is bullied. Delinquent friends should be distant from and also there should be a feeling of responsibility to themselves and the community they reside in. Also, schools are responsible for the upbringing of individual identity and realization. It should not be seen as a building where young people acquire reading, writing or numeracy skills but it should help every child identify and develop hidden talents as also encourage the use to benefit the community and the nation as a whole. On occasions, inter-school activities should be introduced to develop sense of encouragement and for the individual, a sense of accomplishment. The education curriculum should include awareness of talents at the primary level like music, sports or craft and arts. In addition to this view, social class that have influenced the curriculum and every class should embrace a cohesive community. Furthermore; the community has a part to play in the clarity of this community demise. Britain is not a gun-legalized nation therefore the import of ammunition should be thoroughly scrutinized and probably discouraged by dealers who are not government representatives. Although, the government has funding for groups like Youth Crime Action, Tackling Knives Action Programme (youth crimes: 2) and some other organizations, it is of personal opinion that more youth development centers should be open to teenagers. Adding to this, there should be funding for the development of talents. To top this, a rule governing youth activities should be discussed in the House of Commons. Above all, teenagers should have a sense of security for the future that jobs will be available when education is completed. Job opportunities will not only reduce crime but save government funding on benefits It has been controversial on how the media has portrayed the teenage deaths as a racial involvement. Although some facts have been discovered on most occasions, teenagers of the same racial backgrounds that involve themselves in the incidents (youth death: 4). Instead of labeling crimes on race and cultural background, the media may encourage posters and adverts on awareness like the Hate Knife ,Kill Crime adverts. Okoronkwo (2008), argued that although media has labeled gangs to be more on black youths, ‘behavior may label a criminal, but it is not this behavior in itself that constitute crime(Mancie,2004:117)’. In summary, it is never too late to change the nation, community or oneself. Realizing potentials and developing it will not only benefit the individual but raw talents can change the future positively for the new generations. Taking into account that every community is very important based on its population, beliefs, ethnics, culture and geographical location.